Interaction Beyond Screens (Part 2)

Here comes the update from our second week of explorations.

We started ideating around the structure and form of the final service or experience which we wanted for our user. We came up with a lot of different ideas mostly related to healthcare and things which affect us in daily life.

Our final two ideas were:

  1. We wanted to build something which makes the user move around and also be an intervention in the public spaces and be a conversation starter. Because we realised that somehow we are losing are ability to have an actual conversation. The idea was to motivate people to start walking to trigger the music in their hoodie. Movement will be detected by an accelerometer. As soon as the person reaches a certain speed the music will start playing from his phone playlist which will lead to glowing of a pattern on their jacket according to the genre they are listening to. So when the other person listening to the similar genre music with the same light pattern comes across there can be a conversation.

2. We were also inclined towards designing something which could give a powerful social message. So the second idea was to design a t-shirt which has a smoke detector attached to detect cigarette smoke and change the color with a message reflecting on it — “smoking kills your loved ones”. This was also a public intervention idea to make the person smoking uncomfortable.

We refined the idea and the final chosen idea is as follows:

After finalising the design the challenge was to design the circuit for the final connections to make this design work. And also finalising the sensors and other things which we will use for the design. We researched a lot of websites and arduino tutorials and finally came to know that for our project we need the following things:

  1. Arduino
  2. Breadboard
  3. Resistors
  4. LED’s
  5. OTG cable
  6. Android phone
  7. Andriod app (BLUE Act)

To be continued…