Why we do, what we do?

In India, people exhibit a habit of neglect. They don’t take action until the small health problem converts into big disease. Or they focus on their body image instead of being healthy. There is a need of educating people about caring for their health on a daily basis rather than caring only in adverse situations or just to attain the social standards of body image.

Assuming that most of the people don’t even realise that they have been neglecting their health for no specific reason. I went ahead to do a little primary research with the question — “Why we do, what we do?” , “Why do we keep waiting for a disease to occur to change our lifestyle?” and the answers were varied :

  1. Neighbour Aunty : “Beta, food is my life, uske bina zindagi kahan?” (There is no life without tasty food!)
  2. Neighbour Uncle : “Beta ji, jab tak disease free ho, khao piyo aish kro, itni load nhi lete jawaani mein!” (Until you are disease free, enjoy your life, dont take so much stress about these things while you are young!)
  3. An IT lady : “I use fitbit to keep track of my weight but once in shape, I delete the app and fulfill my taste buds!”
  4. A fellow student : “This is the time to do everything, eat like crazy, travel like there is no tomorrow, drink like you will never have fun after this because who knows we will live or not and may be later in life we will get some deadly disease, atleast live your life to the fullest now and stop thinking about future for once..”
  5. An IT guy : “I keep track of my fitness but the sad part is that I cant stick to the deadly tasteless diet plan and boring exercise routine for long!”

After this, I went back and searched more about changing behaviours and found about Behavioural healthcare and services following the method. I also read about B.j Fogg’s Model of Behavioural Change.

I learned that Design and Technology can be a powerful tool to bring change and persuade people to develop long lasting habits. So I will use this information again while designing interactions , screens and workflow.