How to choose the best Coworking space for yourself

Coworking or shared office spaces in the real estate sector have seen a huge upsurge in the past few years. The corporate scenario has drastically changed over the past few years with more and more employed individuals getting inclined towards start-ups and independent ventures that gives them the liberty and flexibility to take control of their venture and run the show as per their own terms and conditions without any outside pressure or influence and this in turn has opened up the floodgates to Coworking or shared spaces. Further when looking for office spaces , Corporates are also getting more inclined towards Coworking as they get a fully furnished office space at a lower cost. However, it is equally imperative that you choose your Coworking space carefully and diligently that not only suits your personality and character but also best serves the line of business you plan to set up or already running. Few of the Best Coworking spaces are located in South Delhi and they are probably the best office space one can opt for while looking for a Coworking space. But there are always a few things that one should keep in mind while looking for a Coworking space:-

People coworking

1. Research- before you randomly get on the road to look for your perfect Coworking space, sit down and research a bit on the best Coworking spaces. Read the reviews, visit their website, in short do a brief research on the kind of space you are planning to hire. Coworking spaces in South Delhi is the most sought after Hub due to its accessibility, services provided and high end facilities that you get. Given South Delhi is well connected with the rest of the city the Coworking spaces in South Delhi are featured high up for the most hired and preferred space for Entrepreneurs and freelancers. So, ‘look before you leap’.

2. The Look- the proverb, “First impression is the last impression” rings in so true when it comes to Coworking Spaces. Look is the first characteristic one considers almost all the time when you are out shopping, in this case Coworking spaces. One that looks good and pleasing is the one worth visiting. After all you are going to spend a considerable part of your day working out of here and your productivity highly depends on your state of mind, a peaceful and pleasant environment will have the same effect on your mind too.

3. Internet and the Power backup- This is probably one of the most important and crucial factors which is a must for Coworking spaces, as such offices operate round the clock almost always with members signing up for any slots either day or night, so look for a Coworking space that has high end internet setup with fast running WiFi with a 24/7 power back up to it.

4. Events & Community- Disengaged workers make up 37% of the workforce according to Steelcase's’ global study. For Corporates & Entrepreneurs to have access to different kind of events and Community for networking can be a significant advantage to engage their workforce.

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