Well… I have been reading psychology and all the tips offered as stories. As I read, I sense a déjà-vu.

I knew all along that I should do what I think but there was something stopping me, the people around me were controlling most of my thoughts, and surprisingly when they were in a good mood, I performed better. So all I did was please them so that I could perform better.

I knew waking up early helps, I knew procastination was evil, I knew I had a brain, but I wasn’t using it, I knew I had a heart but I wasn’t listening.

The mist has cleared and now I implement what I think and I have stopped pleasing others, instead I please myself.

do you remember Tous les jours, je fais la fête ”.

I am always happy.

I sense a detest around me, people detest me for who I am, they can’t bear my truth. They want me to please them as I used to earlier… not their fault, I did that in the past. BUT not anymore.


I feel better… I hope it lasts this way.

P.S: Children are innocent, this image reminds me of Sri Ram. He followed his heart, rescued his wife but did not to spend quality time with his family.

And here is Hamlet, to do or not to do??

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