Being a Writer.

Image by Freepik.

Do you know what is the greatest torture in earth?

Well, most of you would not really know it. You might answer something else like : “Not getting assignments done in fixed dates”, or “Going to office the day after sunday”, or “Getting scoldings from a manager,” or even worse : “Being suspended.”

But, Seriously, Do you really know what I feel the greatest torture under the sun? Not being able to write, after you have just read a real breath-taking and a page-turner novel.

That is what it is.

I have been presently reading the famous novel “1984” by George Orwell. Oh my god. I say. This is really good. Awesome. Whenever I read this, I tell to my mother full of enthusiasm, “Really. I should write a novel like this.” She says okay.

But now, as I yearn to write something, the organ that’s sitting top of my head, inside the skull, won’t even budge. I really feel like hitting my head several times against the wall.


I feel like I am about to hurl something to my anger. How to write? How?

Oh god…

Hope I write something soon.

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