We’re not made to be superheroes,
We all have flaws, the weaknesses,
There are stories we’ve never shared,
There are infinite mistakes that we’ve made.

We’re broken souls with smiling faces,
Roaming aimlessly in a desolate world,
Our generation is of misfit heroes and misfit hopes,
We think we know it all, but we don’t.

We think we’re indestructible, 
But we break easy like a glass pane,
We feel like we know the secrets of the world,
But we stumble in unfathomable incidents.

We’re living as slaves, in this sinful world,
Fear, hatred, jealousy govern our motives,
We make friends with negative people,
Who shatter our self-worth, and dignity.

But we have power to make a change,
We are the creators of the world.