Differences between Data Scientist vs Data Analyst

In this article, we will see the top differences between Data Scientist and Data Analyst. Here we will see the key difference between Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

1) Data Scientist vs Data Analyst according to Definition

  • A Data Scientist role is to predict future based on past patterns. While Data analyst finds meaningful information from data.
  • The role of Data scientist is to generate its own question. But Data analyst finds the answers to others sets of questions.
  • As Data scientists have the what ifs. But Data analysts are the ones who do the day-to-day analysis
  • Data scientist addresses business problems. It also gives an accurate prediction of the value of business once solved. Whereas Data Analyst only address business problems
  • Data scientist uses machine learning for extracting information. But Data Analyst uses an R / SAS tool for extracting information.
  • The role of Data scientist is to explore and examines information. He explores information from many disconnected sources. But Data Analyst explores and examines data from a single source.
  • The prediction of Data Scientist is very high. It can be accurate up to 90%. But, Data analysts don’t predict. They only solve the question given by the business.
  • A Data scientists will formulate questions. They formulate those questions whose solutions are likely to benefit the business. But Data Analyst only solves the questions given by business.
  • A Data scientist must have sound knowledge in statistical models and machine learning. Data Analyst needs sound knowledge in SAS/R

2) Data Analyst vs Data Scientist according to Responsibilities

a) A Data Scientist Responsibilities

  • Data cleansing and processing.
  • Prediction of the business problem. His roles are to give future results of that business.
  • Develop machine learning models and analytical methods.
  • Find new business questions that can then add value to the business.
  • Data mining using state-of-the-art methods.
  • Presenting results in a clear manner and doing the ad-hoc analysis.

b) Data Analyst Responsibilities

  • Identify any data quality issues in data acquisition.
  • Solving business problems. By mapping and then tracing the data.
  • A Data analyst should coordinate with engineers to gather new data.
  • Perform statistical analysis of business data.
  • Documenting the types and structure of the business data.

3) Data Analyst vs Data Scientist roles based on skill sets

a) Data Scientist roles according to their skill sets

  • The Data creatives
  • Data Developers
  • Data Researchers
  • The Data Businesspeople

b) Data Analyst roles according to their skill sets

  • Database Administrators
  • Operations
  • The Data Architects
  • A Data Analysts

4) Data Scientist vs Data Analyst — Salary

Below statistics shows the salary of Data Scientist vs Data Analyst-

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Data Scientist vs Data Analyst