Hi Varaha I stumbled across your Jyotish site and was super impressed with the info carried here.
Shivah Haran

Dear Shivah, thanks for sharing your wonderful insights. The transit of the grahas on the fateful degrees are known to cause drastic world events, which can be zoomeed into by looking into the associated grahas, rasis and the nakshatras. There are other fateful degrees such as Mrtyubhagas, vishaghatikas, ushnaghatikas etc., which can also be evaluated.

On the other hand, there are good points in the zodiac as well, such as the amrta ghatikas etc. In Tajika there are various Sahams that are mentioned, but for many additional factors such as the Lagna or the day/ night birth (muhurta) etc. need to be known. In my view the transit through the Navamsas can also be checked for fine tuning events. Pls. check some write ups on the Navamsa based transits in these pages.

Lastly, before I sign off, let me say again, thanks for your kind and inspiring words. That is much appreciated. Do share your thoughts on other articles in these pages.

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