Hi, I am student of Vedic astrology and have been confused about the whole ayanamsa - tropical …
Levi Cosijn

I am aware of Sri Willhem’s approach, but I choose to stick with the tradition of using sidereal Rasis and nakshatras. Not because it is merely validated by the tradition, but also because I have evidence that the pundits of ancient times used sidereal zodiac only. The computation of Surya Siddhanta is purely sidereal and one can realise this after one does the computation of the planets the siddhanta way. I am planning to put my observations on this in my upcoming book. I will try to put forth my views regarding why the sidereal zodiac should invariably be used; both for rasi definitions as well as nakshatra definitions. I am not refuting Sri Willhem’s approach. I am only clarifying what I prefer to use.

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