Practical Horoscope Analysis: Case 2


  • Father died in the 2nd year
  • Great strides in life
  • Two wives
  • Lost two sisters early

Key points:

  • Early demise of father? Karaka Surya with enemy Shukra and a fiery Mangal in the 12th house (loss). Surya is also aspected by Vakri Shani from the 6th house indicating injuries. Surya is strong due to Vargottama, but afflicted in the Navamsa due to conjunction with Rahu (eclipse). The vargottama is happening in the 12th house of loss.
  • 9th house is occupied in the Rasi chart and the Navamsa, Meena is also unoccupied. Hence need to look at the 9th lord. 9th lord Guru is exalted but conjoined with 12th and 3rd lord Budha. Guru is aspecting the 9th house, so, should have protected the father. Why it didn’t? The situation gets clearer in the Navamsa. Guru is conjoined with Neecha Chandra, Vakri Shani and Budha. From the 9th house (in Meena), Shani is the 12th lord (loss), Budha is the 7th lord (Maraka) and Chandra is the 5th lord (good) but neecha indicating loss of life.
  • Father died in the 2nd year? He was born in Shukra Dasa 2 years remaining. The father’s death could have happened in the fag end of Shukra Dasa. End of the Dasa periods exposes the weaknesses in a horoscope. Shukra is a Rudra graha for the 9th house (in Meena), and enemy of Surya. And in the Navamsa, Shukra is occupying the 3rd (secondary Rudra, 8th from 8th and 2nd from 2nd) house from Meena. The Antar could have been Ketu. Ketu is to give the results of Mangal (since its in Vrschika). Mangal afflicting Surya (even though a friend of Surya). Why? Because Mangal is occupying the 8th house (Rudra Sthana) from Surya. Note that occupation of Surya, Mangal and Rahu in the 8th or the 3rd house (from a Bhava or Karaka) can cause great danger to the life. Ketu is occupying the 6th from Surya (indicating some injuries) and in the Navamsa, Ketu is occupying a Maraka sthana from Surya (7th house). From the Dasa lord Ketu is occupying the 6th in Rasi and 8th in the Navamsa, indicating some misfortune during this Dasa-Bhukti.
  • Rise in life? The Lagnesha, Dharmesha and the Kendra should be strong in the first place, so that the person has stamina, good luck and the support in life. Lagnesha is Chandra occupying a friendly sign Simha, but neecha Navamsa (indicating severe loss in life and great pain). The debility is cancelled in the Navamsa because of placement of Shukra in a Kendra to Chandra in Navamsa and also Mangal occupying the Navamsa Lagna. 9th lord having caused trouble to the father, due to its inauspicious conjunctions, is nevertheless strong and aspecting the 9th house. Hence, after causing pain, it is going to give rise in life and good luck to the native. If the auspiciousness has saved the father, then the native’s luck would have been adversely affected.
  • Two strong benefics Budha and Guru occupy the Lagna Kendra which other Kendras are unoccupied. This indicate great support coming from these two grahas. In the Navamsa, the 7th Kendra (from Janma Lagna) is occupied by Uccha Mangal, giving him tremendous fighting power.
  • Two wives? Shukra is afflicted due to conjunction with 2 malefics Surya-Mangal, occupying the house of loss (12th house). In the Navamsa Shukra is well placed in Vrsha Rasi in a Trikona from the Navamsa Lagna, indicating some good luck after initial trouble, in the matters of marriage. The 7th lord Shani occupying 6th house in retrogression, indicating great suffering (6th house) and sorrow (Shani) in the matters of relationships (7th lord). In the Navamsa, 7th (from Janma lagna) is occupied by Mangal, indicating sorrow in marriage, although it is Uccha (Ref: Sri Rama’s case, where Uccha Mangal in the 7th house gave too much suffering in the marriage matters).
  • Loss of sisters? Sisters are also governed by Shukra. The loss is signified by the same affliction to Shukra. In addition, the 3rd lord Budha, although strong in the Rasi, is afflicted in the Navamsa by Neecha Chandra and Vakri Shani.
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