Practical Horoscope Analysis: Case 3

This is the 3rd Horoscope given by Dr. BV Raman in Hindu Predictive Astrology. Based on the time he gave, the Lagna is coming to Mithuna, but he says that it should be Vrshabha. The Birth time is corrected to bring the Lagna to Vrshabha. The Navamsa lagna is however questionable. This horoscope belongs to American President Herbert Hoober.


Planet  Rupas    Sthana   Kala   DigBala Cheshta   Drig   Nisarg
Sun 6.40 116.46 218.16 3.65 43.59 -14.01 60.00
Moon 7.79 155.99 220.73 52.61 3.73 -13.37 51.43
Mars 6.43 191.83 165.78 7.40 16.93 -13.35 17.14
Mercury 6.82 146.39 171.75 39.76 35.45 -9.72 25.70
Jupiter 6.17 198.15 111.54 19.51 26.78 -20.11 34.28
Venus 7.18 171.55 127.21 49.95 59.04 -19.52 42.85
Saturn 5.94 135.56 164.70 36.30 50.68 -39.39 8.57


  • A great politician equal to King in Status
  • Saved Europe from Anarchy
  • Humane and Tactful

Key points:

  • Akin to a King? Shukra is the Lagna lord, occupying the 5th house with natural benefic Guru. This gives considerable strength to the Lagnesha in the Rasi chart. In the Navamsa chart, the Lagnesha is exalted in the 11th house (Tulya), conjunct with Guru and also the Navamsa Lagna. Guru is a functional malefic for Taurus Lagna indicating the struggles that he has to pass through in life. He was the President during the great depression. Shukra although debilitated, its cancelled due to its dispositor conjoined with Chandra (Kendra to Chandra). In addition, Shukra is uccha in Navamsa. When a Neecha is cancelled and the graha is involved in some good yogas, it can give great strength to fight all the odds. This shows his persistence.
  • There is Amavasya yoga in the Rasi chart due to the Surya-Chandra conjunction, also afflicting Budha and Mangal, in the 3rd house. The malefic influences on the 3rd house gave him great enterprise to push ahead. Some issues are expected in the matters of Budha and Mangal due to conjunction in the Amavasya yoga. This can be studied later.
  • The strength of Surya and Chandra is a must for getting royal power. Chandra is debilitated in the Navamsa, but it conjoins with Mangal indicating strong influence of Mangal on his mind. Mangal = great energy level. Scorpio = secret things. Chandra’s debility is cancelled by Mangal who is placed with the Chandra. In addition, Shukra, moon’s exaltation sign lord is occupying Navamsa Lagna (Navamsa Lagna is questionable).
  • President of a country? The throne is in the 10th house, which must be fortified, in addition to the 9th house (luck). 9th lord Shani is retrograde in own sign. In the Navamsa, Shani occupy a friendly Navamsa but conjunct with Rahu indicating some grave danger that he had to overcome. 10th lord is again Shani occupying the 9th house causing a good yoga. There are some other Kendra Kona Rajayoga, but they are secondary, compared to Shani.
  • Humane and tactful? Guru conjoined the Lagnesha in a Shubha Rasi both in Rasi and Navamsa made him highly benevolent, broad minded, having a great heart. In addition, in both Rasi and Navamsa, the 5th house is well occupied by Lagnesha Shukra, Guru and Budha (Tulya). 5th house = what prevails in your mind.
  • Overall the grahas which supported him to be in power are Shukra, Guru, Shani and Rahu. Among the Luminaries, Chandra is the one who supported his rise. Surya occupying Shani’s Rasi in Kumbha has been rendered somewhat weak compared to Chandra. For timing, the Dasa-Bhukti, and Gochara on these planets should be checked.
  • In the Vaisheshikamsa, Mangal is in Simhasanamsa, Guru and Shani are in Gopuramsa.
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