Namaste, thank you for the interessting article.
Marcus König

Your comments are well received. I can’t tell you much about how Dr BV Raman made astounding predictions with an incorrect Ayanamsa. Predictions require more than mere mathematical calculations and mathematical deductions. Added to the mathematics is the person’s ability to estimate things based on other information available to him or her. Also, sometimes sometimes the ayanamsa do not make difference to the planetary positions enough to cause differences to the predictions. Since Dr Raman defines his own Ayanamsa it means that he made adjustments to prod BS Rao’s Ayanamsa.

So while I think it’s logical to ask this question, it may not be worthwhile dwelling too much into it. The spirit of research is to question what is already established. If not one find something new, it at least proves the established facts are correct.

I am not suggesting one to accept what I have stated. I have merely unearthed that caught my attention. I am sure there is more to it, which are yet to be found.

Nonetheless, I have discovered more things than I have published here. I am hoping to publish them when these are final and validated.

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