Be Obsessed or Be Average — Grant Cardone

Shitiz Srivastava
4 min readMar 11, 2019

I picked this book after I randomly added Grant Cardone on my twitter. He was in my suggested links. I didn’t know who he was but now that I know him, I am highly intimidated by him.

I love the name of the book. It forces you to buy the book. It is like the dialogue from some motivational movie starring Al Pacino -

“You know, be obsessed or be average.”

The story of the author Grant Cardone is also very interesting. He was a drug addict until he was 25. Then came his defining moment when he decided to change his life for good. He left drugs and start working hard to make his life better. He started reading books, did odd jobs and become a better man. 10 years later, he was standing on his own feet, owned a company, was rich, married to his dream girl and had turned himself into an author and a motivational speaker.

The best book about becoming a rich can come from a person who has done it all by himself. Grant Cardone is one such dude. I follow him on twitter, read his tweets, have seen his youtube videos and I have read all the books written by him till now. I wanted to review this book for a long time but couldn’t get time. I felt like I owe a review to him. I feel connected to him though his words even though he doesn’t know me. Finally, I decided to review and post my opinion about it.

The book has opened my mind to the powers of social media. I never did much of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and I never found the need for it. He showed me that one has to move with the speed of light to become rich in the contemporary world. I have read a lot of books on becoming rich as my prime aim has shifted recently to become rich than to become an empty pocket filmmaker.

I want to do filmmaking only when I become rich and have money to create what I want to create. The books that I have read previously were extremely great books but most good books on the science of getting rich were written way long back and times have changed from then to now. The medium of becoming rich has changed too.

The software industry is in their all-time high and people who have invested their time in the software industry are churning money in millions and billions. I am a software engineer myself but I never studied anything in college that would help me today. I wanted to learn to code again.

To start again, I have to learn a coding language and I decided that I will do it. I don’t have all the patience in the world to learn that but I will develop it and I will be persistent about it.

Reading his book has made me realize that it is very important to be smart and work all the time. The book tells you that you must love your work to the level where you get obsessed and that can only happen if you have deep and extreme desires of becoming a rich man, for that you must have ambitions and tremendous desires to change your life. Reading the book has made me more interested in things that I wanted to do but was only planning in the past. It opened my eyes to all the possibilities of what I can do with my life and from where I can earn money.

There is money all around us, we are just unable to see it because we don’ see things in terms of product. To become rich you must have your product. Now that product can be you or a material thing, something that you have created but until and unless you have a product in which you have complete trust in, you will never be able to get rich.

Think about it, where are you going to get all the money. It is from other people. But why would other people pay you money? They will pay you only when you will give them something that is of value to them and that thing of value is your “Product”.

He writes about social networking too which is a very important aspect of getting rich. He crazily did social networking for himself and his company and there were experts around him who asked and advised him to not flood twitter with posts every 5 seconds but he said he refused to listen to them and soon his followers started to grow. I immediately opened my twitter account after reading about his thinking wondering what has stopped me for so long. Since then I have tweeted some 5000 tweets and-and I am not stopping. My followers have increased and are continuously increasing.

In the book, he tells you exact methods that you can use to become successful and they are just old methods wrapped in new good content but the language he uses is very effective. There is a 10 X rule too which I liked very much. It will help you expand your thinking and force you out of middle class or lower class mentality which I think is the biggest enemy in your journey towards wealth. To become rich one has to think ten times in terms of what one is thinking right now. Imagine how much will it blow your mind when you multiply your goal of 30 Lakh Rupees to 3 Crore Rupees. If you stick to this method it will only bring better results and nothing else.



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