Towards a greater collective enlightenment

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Benefits of greater collective goals

  • Interplanetary travel can open up opportunities for exploring the stars and colonization, help us understand about the dark matter. With SpaceX’s success, the cost of space travel can be decreased by ~80% (Musk has estimated the to-&-fro travel cost to Mars to about 50 Million). It goes without saying that people who are interested in space, also really care about the Earth, like many environmentalists. E.g., Project Red Planet teams are looking to make biodegradable structures and research is being used to revolutionize the architecture and lessen the use of plastic on planet Earth.
  • Improvement in the field of AI aids in many sectors. Like, in medicine, it can help us get more insight into mental illness and educational strategies, e.g., Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's. It can detect skin cancer in the early stage which prevents the life of many patients. In finance, it can help the government get a better grasp of the economy and the money flow in the country. In agriculture, it helps lessen the carbon emission and yield better crops. It can also help you turn Vegan without giving up on the taste of beef. 👀 In wildlife conservation, it can help bring balance to the ecosystem. In African sanctuaries, AI is being used to catch poachers and prevent the life of animals.
  • Ethically moderated advancements in CRISPR (gene editing), can help us battle against the forthcoming super-bugs(these are drug-resistant bacteria, that have build immunity over the present antibodies) and speed up drug research.
  • Automation and quantum supremacy can give us time to do something more productive and related to our passion — whatever that means to each of us. People who want to do something creative with their lives will be able to do so without having to choose between poverty, a job, or focusing on short-term success. Robots are already being used to do tasks like vegetable picking on farms.
  • Maybe World Peace is just a term we hear during Miss World Finals now, but it is still a goal we have to achieve, and we can use technology for overcoming deeply entrenched cycles of resource and market competition. We have new opportunities for multilateral cooperation in the areas of international security, cyberspace, sustainable development, global governance, peace, and conflict.
  • Technology might help us uncover one of the last great mysteries, what is intelligence or consciousness, on par with other mysteries like what is out there in the space, what is the meaning and origin of life, physical fundamentals of the universe. Having an insight into human consciousness can help improve mental health and help us reach a higher level of understanding towards mankind and their goals.

But how do we move towards the goals?

Overpopulation- Source of every problem?

Anti-Immigration/Racism- Have no place in the future

Modern work culture- Best leaders are great followers

There might be less space for innovation, but there is plenty for improvement.

Do more, consume less




SDE @ Zomato. Writes about 💻, 🧠, 🐈 and 🌎

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Anurita Srivastava

Anurita Srivastava

SDE @ Zomato. Writes about 💻, 🧠, 🐈 and 🌎

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