Carpe Diem: Seize the Day

Devansh Srivastava
Dec 12, 2019 · 3 min read

“We don’t have much time left”…. “Hope we had more time in hand”….. “Time is running so fast”

These are the exact words I come across every day and it is not that the words are uttered by a certain category of people. From school kids to adults working hard use these lines frequently.

“Carpe Diem” is Latin for “Seize the Day”.It recognizes the brevity of time, the value of life and inevitability of death. These 2 words underscore the importance of the current situation’s significance and teach us to focus on the present.

I was wondering why there are so much uncertainty and twirls in the present world. Few people are crying and feeling hopeless as they have no time left to complete any particular task, while on the other hand lots of people are relaxing and procrastinating things.

There are 2 terms that everyone should know :

  1. ) Hedonism: It states that life has only to be lived in pleasure, ignoring or discarding one’s past and future.
  2. )Fatalism: It states that everything is predetermined, so there is no need for planning for the unchangeable future, hence it is good to just live for the present.

Rather than procrastinating things and hesitating to take any sort of risk in life, one should believe in one of these 2 principles. According to me, it will make a person more confident and strong. As one will not think of their past or the future which is not in their hands. And will focus more on the present that has a chance of improvement each time.

Poet Edwin Markum said,

“When duty comes to a knocking at your gate,
Welcome him in,
For if you bid him wait,
He will depart only to come once more,
And bring seven other duties to your door”

People need to control their emotions and instead of overthinking about going to an event or starting their dream project or even about their relationship, everything needs to be performed at that moment itself rather than postponing them.

Many times people miss the beautiful moments knocking at their doors just in fear of they don’t know the outcome. Think once what you put off until tomorrow, you’ll probably put off tomorrow too. Laziness is a self-destructing trait as a lazy person always puts offs things. All problems will become smaller if you will confront them instead of dodging them.

William Halsey so rightly said,

“Touch a thistle timidly, and it pricks you; grasp it boldly and its spines crumble”

At last, I want to conclude with one of my favorite lines, ‘By the street of By and By, one arrives at the house of never’.Don’t make your life a tragic one, live each and every moment and enjoy them to the fullest. It will not hurt when you will lose but feel worse when you almost win.

-)Stay Happy

Devansh Srivastava

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Communicator.📢 Designer.🖌 Amateur writer.📝 Thinker.😛 Passionate social media fanatic. 😉Reader.📚

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