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Aug 27, 2019 · 6 min read

Yes, this is the attitude needed when you are a digital marketer and competing with so many others out there. Don’t worry I will be sharing some of my knowledge I learned thru books and during my own experience while freelancing for brands. Also, I got the honor to attend a seminar by Rishi Jain(Manager and Trainer at Digital Scholar) on the very same topic.

The whole path of digital marketing is steered by these 7C’s :

  • Clarity
  • Content
  • Creativity
  • Consistency
  • Communication
  • Credibility
  • Customer Relation

Many people ask where to start……

6 Content Buckets for Social Media Post Ideas :

1. Entertaining Post Ideas

Here are 7 entertaining content types. Which would work for your business?

  • Fun Holidays
  • Memes
  • Jokes
  • Throwback/nostalgia
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Puzzles
  • Comics

2. Inspirational Post Ideas

Inspirational content ideas for you:

  • Quotes
  • Trivia / Amazing Facts
  • Gorgeous images
  • Personal stories of your or your clients’ triumphs

3. Educational Post Ideas

Some smart ideas:

  • Link to your and others’ blog posts
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Industry Research
  • Free Resources (reports and guides)
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Case Studies
  • Live Video Training

4. Conversational Content Ideas

For strictly conversational content, here are some great conversation starters. Create a graphic to go with, and you’ve got a winner!

  • Questions
  • Polls
  • Fill in blanks
  • Ask for advice
  • “Caption this” photos

5. Connection Content Ideas

Try these ideas for “connecting” posts:

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Product Previews just for followers
  • Photos of Your Life (hobbies, vacations, family)
  • Stories
  • Nostalgia
  • Shoutouts of complementary businesses or groups
  • Employee features
  • Photos from events you’re attending
  • Thanking fans
  • Share your favorite cause
  • Ask for opinions / feedback

6. Promotional Post Ideas

Finally — what you’ve been waiting for!

YES, you absolutely should promote your business on social media. It’s why you’re spending all that time, right?

It’s generally considered acceptable to spend 20% of your content on promotion. You might get away with more if your free webinars and opt-in freebies are truly valuable. Those would cross into the educational category.

Here are promotional content ideas for your social media:

  • Freebies for email signups
  • Webinars
  • Products / Services
  • Client testimonials
  • Discounts

Once you are clear with what type of content you have, there is no stopping of you. Just need to get the targeted audience and location. Everything is possible using organic methods, no need of paying for promotions. As your content will be enough for attracting people.

Here are some important free tools you can use to optimise and design your social media posts :

#1. Unfold:

Unfold tool is the one that gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the stories that caters to the attention of engaged traffic that is there on Instagram.

#2. Planoly:

This tool has got a drag and drop feature through which the bellwether or a brand can manage their content and marketing drives before posting it live. They can also schedule it all in advanced not just by days or weeks but also in months and without pain can actively engage with the followers.

#3. Hootsuite:

Having trouble engaging with your audience? This is a tool that enables the user to monitor what people are saying about your brand and respond to them immediately. It’s one of the most comprehensive social media management tools where a user can keep a track of its multiple social network channels.

#4. Over

If you want great looking captions then you must check out Over. This makes it easier when the posts are uploaded with great looking captions to appeal your customer base. Using this tool, the users can serve their need as it helps in being ingenious too.

#5. Repost

This tool is very delightful for users who want to use someone else’s photos and videos on their wall to acquaint their followers about the same. The users who have a community of customers who post user-generated content then the users can curate the photos, videos by clicking on the repost button while giving the credit to the real Instagramers.

#6. Iconsquare:

Iconosquare is an investigative tool committed to spading deep into the performance of your content on Instagram. Using Iconosquare, you can trace the regular engagement data like followers and likes. You can also get specific statistics about its followers including their geographic regions and level of social media influence.

#7. FocalMark:

This is a highly specialized tool that generates the most popular hashtags for your uploads based on the variables like the location of the photo, the camera which was used to click that photo and subject of the image. This tool has a specific content-category which will then filter through numerous hand-collected hashtags and number them on the basis of their reach and authenticity.

#8. Crowdfire

Tired of managing your posts? Crowdfire is the answer to your social media management. Crowdfire allows you to discover, schedule content and manage all the social accounts from one place.

Here are some famous and most followed digital marketers around the globe :

#1 Rand Fishkin- SEO Superstar Aka Wizard of Moz

Rand Fishkin

#2 Neil Patel — Top Influencer on the Web

Neil Patel

#3 Larry Kim- Pay-Per-Click Expert

Larry Kim

#4 Mr. Joost De Valk-Founder & CEO of

Joost de Valk

#5 Steve Rayson- A Columnist & Director of BuzzSumo

Steve Rayson

#6 Dorie Clark- Keynote Speaker, Author & Blogger

Dorie Clark

#7 Shama Hyder- Keynote Speaker & Founder of Marketing Zen

Shama Hyder

#8 Jitendra Vaswani- Founder of

jitendra vaswani

#9 Gary Vaynerchuk- Founder and CEO of VaynerMedia

Gary Vaynerchuk

#10 Brian Fanzo- Millennial Speaker and Change Evangelist

Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz

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