CRM — Salesperson: A Love-Hate relationship

CRM and Salesperson have known to be in a love-hate relationship for quite few decades.

As a salesperson, couple of years back, I used to hate CRM as much as priest hates violence!

I have perceived CRM as, a prying eyes constantly gawking me whole day on what am doing about my sales pipeline!

Eventually, I was asked to keep updating CRM on daily basis after every call or email or meet up I make. 
At fine point, I happened to realise that I take more time to update fields in CRM rather than the time taken for the actual work!

Time spent on actual sales work < Time spent on updating fields in CRM.

Here’s top five reasons why Salesman relationship with CRM is either stained or broken.

Differences of opinion.

One of the top reasons why a CRM might fail in an organisation would either be that CRM doesn’t fit sales process, or doesn’t fit team of salesperson.
Discuss as much as possible with your team, before adopting a CRM into your sales life.

Lack of dating with CRM.

Just like a human relationship, CRM and Sales team need to date for quite sometime before coming to a consensus about their future relationship. 
Most of the CRM vendor’s offer free edition that suffices adequate feature sets for your date!

Also, Inadequate or lesser transition time to adopt CRM might seriously hurt productivity in longer run.

It’s more of what you actually perceive.

One of the failure points is, not realising that CRM is more of a contact database.

In any relationship, the actual worth what you see through your own eyes, might be lesser than someone else. 
A simple quote, “You might be someone in this world, but for someone, you might be the world!”
This talks volume about potential the CRM has from being a meagre Contact Management System.

Forecast are prophecies, not a fancy feature.

Forecast is not just yet another nice looking feature when you chose a CRM, it need to start giving out results as precise as possible.

When your team exactly knows ROI, they start making much better informed decisions than before.

Get to know why your relationship failed.

When your CRM implementation fails, get to know what caused the lack of enthusiasm to use a system.
Find out, if the aversion is to all CRM out there, or just the one’s that you tried just before giving up.

Sometimes, a reason such less intuitive User Interface or lack of User experience might be an untold reason behind lesser enthusiasm while using CRM to record sales data.

Wrapping all downfalls, CRM is one tool which has been overly underestimated. 
It definitely isn’t an prying eyes to keep checking on you, its more an assistant that really wanted to keep aiding you at all times.

CRM is innocent, people using it, are to be blamed for both good and bad outcome.

My next blog post, would cover all love aspect’s between CRM and Salesperson.

Finally, take caution while choosing and using a CRM, making a wrong choice might burn you!

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