Who is Unhappy? Everybody!

I have seen Him before I met him Said Ramakrishna to Vivekananda..

Look Don’t fool yourself. If you want to experience Happiness you should have met the blue eyed boy of Happiness before you were born .The meeting between you and Happiness has to take place first before you experience the scent of Happiness.

Someone in you has tasted Happiness. Recall that meeting with your Atman, with your consciousness. You are kidding me if you say Happiness can be manufactured in the factory of the world. You can cook success but not happiness.

Happiness is not a sweet dish.

It is the entire kitchen…. The whole nine yards of Life.. It is both the package outside and the product inside.

Now let us do something cool.. After you get up destroy clock time. The time in the watch moves so fast and you think it is real because all work is built on pressure of Time.

The reality is the faster the Time moves in the watch the more restless the mind will be and in the pursuit of reaching the finish line you will play into the hands of old witch they call the Time.

When you get up destroy the clock Time. Don’t worry you will achieve all your goals. Infact your productivity will increase because happiness will skyrocket and become the fuel the engine for success.

You will achieve more in less Time by destroying clock Time. The work you do will be meaningful because you will pull from both sides. Inside your head there will be no clock Time and yet the Atman in you will remind you that this lifetime you should not spend dancing to the tune of the old witch the Time.

Tommorow I will talk about Karma…

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