On procrastination and how we ruin our productivity

So we all know that our lives is solely on our hands.Certainly,the concept of destiny and fate is true.But it is the outcome of what we do,what paths we choose in order to move on in our lives.It can be a path only meant for our survival or it can be the path which can drive us to the glory of success.

Our time is a gift given to us by our maker-the Almighty.Every time we are awake,we need to be involved in something in order to make full utilization of that very special gift.

But then,procrastination comes in.And we keep delaying and neglecting our priorities in our lives,just for the sake of some really short-lived pleasures and amusements.We forget that,not utilizing today can make us cry tomorrow.We forget all the hard work put on for us by our parents in order to see us happy.All such things happen because we cannot focus on a single thing and we absolutely lack visualizing our goal.

Then comes the part of blame game.We put the entire blame on the Internet,on our friends and on many other factors.We don’t even realise that the Internet is there as a carrier of information,it is solely handled by the users.So it will produce the exact same information that we want it to deliver.If we want amusing content,it will do so ,and the same is the case for quality resources.It totally depends on what we ask it to show us.So instead of blaming the Internet and the social media,it’s time to blame our own selves.It is we who can’t control our minds.We give attention to each distraction our mind comes across and so we procrastinate and keep delaying our priorities.

The World Wide Web is pretty overwhelming; agreed ,but if we are truly dedicated towards our goals,the Internet has a lot to provide us(from educational blogs to tutorials and even more..).We simply need to pick one of our choice and move on.And surely,take full responsibility of the fact that whatever is happening to our lives is the result of our own actions.

By procrastinating,we waste a lot of our valuable time-the time which we could have easily utilized doing something creative or something that pushes us nearer to our goal.And trust me,the fun or the excitement that one gains after doing something productive,is truly much bigger than the one we gain my mere amusements.

So no matter what age group you belong to,stop wasting time and try to utilize it as if it was the only gift you had.I am pretty sure building this concept in your mind will help all of us shine bright in the future.