True friends are truly hard to find

Friendship is a word which can bring a smile to many of our faces instantly. However,if you delve deeper and give it a second thought,you must be realising that “all that glitters is not gold”.

Well,in today’s time,true friendship is something which should be attributed to luck.Why is it so? You see,there are multiple reasons for this.

One major factor is the age of competition.So,if you are too good(in your field)right from the beginning,everyone around you accepts you as you are.You may also get a few friends who are just like you.But,in most of the cases,you will find people who act as if they are very closely associated with you,but behind their acting,they have their own intentions.You know what I mean.

Now,for those people who are happy with their mediocrity and want to keep themselves busy in partying with their so-called “friends”, usually tend to get a large group of companions.They stay happy with all the company they receive from their friend circle.Sometimes(not always),they also get really good friends.

The problem arises for a certain group of people.Those people,who suffer from mediocrity upto a certain point of time,but then gradually improve themselves and become successful.This is something their “friends” just cannot accept.They will keep their outward behaviour as gentle as possible,but if you ask for joining them in any social gathering ,etc according to the occasion,chances are they will avoid you most of the times.This phenomenon cannot be guaranteed for all such progressive people,but for most of the cases,they do need to go through such dark phases where they are left to feel lonely.And this is exactly when one realises the essence of true friendship.A true friend would have never behaved like that.

But this should not stop anyone from progressing and improving.Always take such things as an opportunity to improve yourself further.Always remember,there is one constant friend,the Internet.You can really do a lot here.One thing you need is to have that unshakeable faith in yourself.Let them avoid you as much as they want,but this is your time to grow and shine.If you think that you have a lot more to give to this world and you have the potential to take that risk,just go for it.Forget all about those people who knows you only when they need you.If you get high on life,be it in any field,all those people will be bound to turn their eyes upon you.Hence,nothing should stop you from chasing your dreams.

You are a product of God.He created you for some special reason.Don’t waste that reason,spending time on those “friends” or wasting it lavishly.Don’t be afraid of anyone.And,always love those who truly love you.

Even if you have no true friends around you,don’t worry.God is always there to help you.But he makes the final decisions only.So if you help yourself with true passion and dedication,he will surely gift you the best.And who knows,you may find a true friend in the process.So,just keep going.

And,no matter what happens,always keep in mind this wonderful line,”This is your life.Make it big.Make it large.Make it grand.”