Power Of Women | Don’t Underestimate It

I booked an Uber Pool to reach my destination yesterday. I was the first passenger and the other one was picked within 10 mins of my pick up. Let us call him ‘X’.
So X (who was on the call) enters the cab and starts criticizing his ‘baby’ (Girl friend) for her driving. Apparently, she escaped an accident. But that wasn’t all. He started ranting how girls are such bad drivers and that they have absolutely no sense of direction, speed, acceleration etc. and perhaps it would have been a better world had the girls not driven.
I was listening to the conversation all the time while keeping my calm. When he disconnected the call, we exchanged glances and then :
X: Oh! But you see it’s true that girls are bad drivers. I am sure you accept that.
Me: Well that’s not true at all. In fact, I……. (he interrupts)
X: C’mon! It’s good to accept things, young woman. In fact, I hope next time you learn to drive instead of taking a cab to go to work. (Gives a witty smile). So where do you work?
Me: Indigo Airlines.
X: Oh! Customer services?
Me: No. I keep a track of time, distance, speed, acceleration, direction etc. of a different mode of transport.
X : (Confused) What do you do?
Me: I am a pilot. Captain Manvi Dhingra! I am a girl and we can fly planes as well :)
Sheer silence throughout the journey :D


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