12 Witty quotes by Jeelan That Proves He Is The Official King Of Islam

Author pose on the new year celebrations 2018

Welcome to a meet a quotes on Islam which none other than a wit and wisest telling victory stories of Islam by Author.Dadagari as keeping his commitment of words on recent Personal Blog published his Islamic quotes on the occasion of Eid Al-Adah.

His wit and intelligent humour is sure to be a conversation starter. He has the penchant of responding to the most difficult questions with witty answers on the last decade of “Ask Question Session” in the Twitter-ate.

He does not need a script or retakes. Eid al-Adha 2018, will be celebrated in India as on 22nd August. The festival, which will be celebrated by followers of Islam all around the world, is also known as Eid al-Adha that literally translates to “Feast of the Sacrifice”.

On a Muslim festival, he picked up his best quotes to sharing source of his personal blog which often he shared, and the quotes will remains you deep remembrance but not let to forget.

Wisest man :

“When Water is Stop By Hearing the voice of Azan,then why not Human”

Author Dadagari is a wit and wise nature who almost wound by revolves around the social twitter-ate.Quote which praise the follower less but strong love to Islam.

Humanitarian :

The Quote which make attention keeping a good heart and Humanitarian and remind others follow the path of Islam first and all everything After.

Honest Man :

Author known for his utmost Honest and trust-able Man who never fall off.He often shared examples of “Honest people never show off” which in his environment may almost has been experienced.

Islam First :

Author often showed his best way to enhance as a Taught and instructs,where the day after who keep What’s app status in his own mobile which paying more attention to the Muslim's that the faith upon his Islam never be show-off or be Greediness but been to be ‘Honest’ all these are the reassert that How much he love towards to Islam.

The Mentor :

“Author on the recent Legendary Actress Actress Sridevi sudden Death shared a wisest message , “Today share about something but worthiness. Power,Money,status there are many which want to achieve but never taken with us.Nothing important a human if intelligent then tries to best for procurement only “good deeds” which and with always with…””

Gentle Man:

The Man who been wrote a successful Novels which tells successful Stories and his quote which been evidence on enthusiastic for Inspiration.

Teacher :

We often see a teacher who always insists his best things for paying anything return but he is a teacher who without any return many times makes attention as a adviser,to regret or realize by his best proverb's before leaving the time from the Hands.

The other beautiful quotes on Islamic people’s which instructs for bringing new life,change and development on Humanitarian,and brings the inner Hero and also for spreading the Islam.