When Jeelan(Dadagari) Thanks to Post Graduate friend Ugra Teja reddy for spreading Humanity

Author Dadagari Jeelan often popular on twitter for his best wit and wise sense of Replies.Recent tweets which were all set of mind blows of the best replies become viral or Hash tag.Author replies a popular most celebrities which were been accepted a wisest king in social twitter.

“Disappointed with today’s decision. Google will keep working hard for a cleaner, more prosperous future for all,” he said.
Disappointed with today’s decision. Google will keep working hard for a cleaner, more prosperous future for all.”

The tweet is by the Google C.E.O sundar pichai.Well after one day Writer whenever saw these tweet he doesn’t like much of sad thing.he doesn’t stop to replying c.e.o of Google sundar pichai for making happy as reply “Dere is nothing for disappoint “bade bade shehron mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain”.By adding his fan one of king in Bollywood shah rukh khan dialogue of Film “Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge” which released early 90’s.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has greeted the people of Telangana, on the Statehood Day. The Prime Minister also extended his wishes to the people of Andhra Pradesh.

“Statehood Day wishes to the people of Telangana. I pray for the progress and prosperity of the state in the times to come.
My good wishes to the dynamic people of Andhra Pradesh. May AP touch new heights of development and continue to contribute to India’s growth”, the Prime Minister said.”

Well according to source whenever writer Log in Twitter first he read stories on tweets about the important person who related only for India Development as his strong goal has been “Developed country”.well yesterday replying to prime minister Narendra modi he tweeted as “sir It’s ur’s hardwork addiction and prayer’s towards nation state’s scope for development.” He replied.

In recent session of twitter also author has been shows his best wit and wisest sense with a fact,spokes and true statements of replies to his followers.

The Best Witty Replies by D.Jeelan Author Recent Twitter Session Prove King of Twitter
Story Highlights Author Articles has been started to bring close to lessons in practical which alreddy "The Sensitive…djeelan143.wordpress.com

The recent reports observing No longer days was passed were author reveals about his Disappoint from the Job.Author reveals that he has been facing tremendous up’s and down’s and not satisfied in his currently working Job.Well author also share in his Job engagement first time skip a friday prayer(salat) which one of most important prayer’s meant for mislims. and not appearing twitter which he revealed about the fact of his Job.the 26 years author tweet which become viral.


In the recent tweet author reply to one of his Post of his M.B.A Post Degree graduate friend Namely Ugra teja Reddy.According to given sources Ugra teja reddy and Author Dadagari Jeelan completed their post graduate at Vaagdevi Institute of technology and science at Proddatur,Andhra Pradesh.hence both are complete at Same College of batch 2012–2014.26 years author adding his friend two beautiful quotation of his Two posts from facebook further added

Agar iss duniya mein inka jaise loag hota tho india kab ka develop huchuka hota).Thanks for Sharing the important pictures which worth of million of posts and to inserting and remindering a piece of humanity on the uselesss and cruel people’s brains. @UGRATEJAREDDY

In the hindi he added (“Agar duniya mein inka jaise loag hota”,)If the people’s like Him In India exists (“Tho India kab ka develop hochuka hota”.)then no longer days take to India for Develop the 26 years author addes in his tweet.

The tweet further adding 26 years author Thanking his friend for sharing the worth posts which were important especialy coming days of current era.

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The recent reports says Author elder brother left his family in the year 2015,where Author alone himself persue and run his family.He is currently busy in his Profession and Upcoming New article “Trust lies betrayal”.