When D.Jeelan on 72nd Independence day Wrote Wisest Suggessted Poem in his twitter

India today completed 72nd Years and ahead Author shared smart poem which supporting on the Children’s.

The 26 years who currently busy in his proffession, appears recent tooking on a twitter adding in his tweet,

“Just Made a Poem and on way of posting.Hope it’s will open eyes of everyone that "How a bird is nothing without Wings!A Children without Education!I thought right time & important to share.bcz Many Independence day come & go away but Children’s doesn’t free from Child labour act.”

Author who wrote a Novels like “The Poor Children’s Life”, showing his love and Care on children’s added Children without education alike a Bird without wing and feather both almost nothing.

He further posting a Poem Picture added,

“Hope in India the Coming Generation makes all efforts for making all birds are ready to fly... All The Best !Jai Hind!”

Author Dadagari Jeelan coming to the Novel “The Poor Children’s Day”,all done to creating empathy amoung the Children’s where the Povern which makes How Disguise to turn living the Lives where five children’s committed for Suicide attempt the Novel which published on 26th January 2017.Author is currently busy in his profession life and upcoming Novel “Trust lies Betrayal”.