Moving into Open Space

Creating innovation in an open environment.

We recently moved into our new office about a month ago. Before that, we were a few blocks away at a warehouse space with some team members in one room and other team members in another. Besides needing room to grow, we felt it was necessary to bring the team together in order to foster team unity and ultimately create innovation. We decided our next move would include an open space for all team members to work in.

Our space is a lot more open now and there is definitely more communication and collaboration happening between team members, departments, and founders/employees. We’ve also added a few more team members that have already contributed huge amounts of value.

Here are snapshots of our new office:

Reception area
Reception area LED sign
Reception area pano view

Big conference room aka Snowbird
Big conference room window walls
Big conference room pano view
Big conference room wall vinyl of Salt Lake City

Small conference rooms aka Park City and Canyons
Small conference room (Park City) with orange chairs
Small conference room (Canyons) with whiteboard painted walls

Main open space
Main open space
Main open space
Main open space with break open space

Break room aka Sundance
Break room with orange wall filled with employee quotes, random quotes, etc. “Sometimes Snowbird is our break room”
Break room orange wall
Break room kitchen
Break room (Sundance)

Phone room and chill room aka Brighton and Solitude
Phone room aka Brighton
Phone room with orange walls, carpet, and furniture
Phone room sharpies are used to doodle, draw, etc.

Chill room aka Solitude
Chill room orange hammock
Chill room pano view with wall vinyl of rhino

Game room pano view
Game room standard/official-size ping pong, billiards, and foosball tables
Game room tees display of all our company tshirts
Game room wall vinyl with all our 20+ sites logos
Game room wall vinyl of logos
Game room orange felted billiards table

Bike rack wall for the adventurous
Jambox for mood therapy
Rhino coat hooks
Rhino decor
Rhino mouse pad
Last but not least, rhino fuel

Keep on keepin’ on!

Thank you for reading.

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