This is something I never published because it made me feel vulnerable but here it is.

I think a lot of people view the world and think inevitability exists. They think that certain things are a given. For example technology will improve. We will eventually have V.R. We will eventually have driverless cars. The reality is that nothing is certain. To coincide along with this. People dont understand how powerful they truly are. People dont understand that they can push the world in whatever direction they want to. This is why religion and philosophy are the most powerful forces mankind has created. I think in the persuit of evergrowing technology mankind has forgotten the most powerful creation of all time. That is creating for the human soul. for the human spirit. People have neglected this undeniable truth in that no matter how much technology progresses. We as humans will never keep up unless we grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Every human has the power to shift the world into his or her world view. If I decide that I do not like the advancement of solar power I can place all of my energy towards its destruction. I can cause a shift in the world by spreading my philosophy, by convincing the masses that what I believe is true. Then we suddenly see the destruction of solar energy. We must not forget what makes us human in the persuit of technological greatness. We must grow our souls/spirits and emotions in tandem to our meteoric rise in technology. I feel like that is what I must focus on. I feel like that is what im headed towards. A broken man attempting to fix a broken world. Perhaps he can do it. I feel as if we have not yet discovered our full potential there is an elephant in the room. He stands there. That is the magnitude and force of our unconscious collective. There is something here. Something we’re missing. something. i know it to be true.