Music, paid fairly
allen bargfrede

The idea of taking something that belongs to someone else, and giving it away for free to gather investment for a business is criminal, at best. As I recall, Daniel Ek of Spotify is one of the designers of the most popular pirate software. The entire idea of a “free music” service should join all the other failed business ideas and roadkill that litter the web’s past. 30% is the kind of profit margin that spectacularly successful businesses thrive on. I feel no pity for streamers that pay 70% in royalties and hidden fees. I don’t think the problem starts with labels. It starts with greedy streamers. Streaming services should be forced to pay higher royalties and end free streaming. If they can’t… then close the business. They serve themselves and the consumer, not music, which is their only product,… neither as an art nor as a business.