A Letter To My Teachers

Dear Teachers,

This panegyric text which I’m writing to you today is a token of gratitude from me to all of you for all the love, care and knowledge which you have lend upon my body and for which I will be forever indebted to you.

At the inception of my school life when I was docile, gullible and inane you forged a path for me to walk upon. When I was chasing the jockey dreams of mine, you always hold my back in the times both beautiful and sad. You were the like the boatswain of my boat which was sailing in the erratic sea of life.

The beautiful shrine in which you teach and impart the good values and the lessons of life, the temple in which I was nothing but a vagabond traveler in search of my destiny, you were like a guiding light to me in those times. You forged me under hot furnace when needed to make me strong and at other times you let me bloom like a beauteous flower in a field. You sewed the scattered thin strands of me into a fascinating and ravishing piece of textile.

The intonation in my voice when I was nervous, the hesitation in me when I was called for something and the weakness in me when I was at a nascent stage of my career, you were a panacea for all these problems. This little piece of thanks is nothing but a garland of hyacinth to you for your esteemed service to the nation, to me and to every other child in this world. The gift of education which you gave me in the enveloped box of love and the wisp of help which you squandered upon me almost every day, I cannot be more thankful to you for that.

At last, I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for transforming this little boy from a hermit into a socialite.

A very happy teachers day from me to all of you.

With love,



Some great words —

“Congratulations, Mr Khandelwal. I’m proud of you. But always remember that you must ‘Walk the Talk’. What you are preaching and writing in the newspapers or somewhere else should be first followed by you. You must follow what you speak.” — Jaspal Sir

“If you have an extreme passion for something, you will never feel bored in it.” — Shashikant Sir

“We all have some stage fear inside us because of lack of confidence. To remove this fear you must work on these two things — Knowledge and Self Respect.” — Naveen Sir

“Today the world needs the people who have their own vision of something to solve a problem. It needs people with a strong vision to transform this place into something more better.” — Jaspal Sir

“When the power of silence adds up to the power of the mind miracle happens.” — Nitin Sir

“Always have a mind of a student, a mind which is always open to knowledge. I’m a teacher now but even now I try to be a student and learn something from all of you.” — Shashikant Sir

These little nuggets of wisdom were fetched to me by some of my very lovely teachers. These little-little nuggets of wisdom which our teachers give us almost every day if digested properly can lead to a healthy life.