On Diwali: Thoughts and Aftermath

I was thinking for some time to write this but my conscience thwarted me time and again when the thought of writing this article came to my mind but now I can hold no more. The Diwali as we celebrate and see today is no longer a festival of lights but a festival of pollution. The crackers bursting may present some children and elders with a delightful sight to watch, but for me, it has now grown into a rather pitiful sight. The Diwali as we remember is no longer seen as a festival where we will light the Diya’s, wear new clothes, and celebrate the homecoming of Lord Ram into Ayodhya but we see it chiefly as an event when we get to burst crackers. The way I see and project this festival here may enrage some people, so let me warn those sensitive ones only now.

This day, crores of rupees will get evaporated into the transparent sheaths of atmosphere, just like water vapors, but instead of doing some good to us and the environment, they are only producing a deluge of pollution in the atmosphere. This is very sad. I’m sure God wouldn’t have asked us for this kind of Diwali. The misinterpretation and wrong ways to celebrate a festival has lead us into utter chaos. The atmosphere around us is suffocating but what is more suffocating is the attitude of people toward this problem.

The atmosphere around us is suffocating but what is more suffocating is the attitude of people toward this problem.

It’s not only about pollution here, there are also children getting hurt and admitted into hospitals. There are also children’s suffering high casualties. Unsafe Diwali celebrations landed 111 people at Sawai Man Singh hospital in Jaipur and 24 of them were admitted to the hospital as their injuries were serious in the year 2014. Over 150 people were injured in Jaipur in the year 2016, and this is just one city of India.

There are also other problems, such as, noise pollution and eye infections which results from the harmful gas exhaled by these crackers. One study by Pune researchers also states that bursting a cracker is equal to burning 500 cigarettes in a day. The Breath Of Death is what it is actually.

We have to now register in our mind these facts and ask ourselves this one simple question — ‘Is celebrating Diwali in this way is equal to all of these deaths, all of these casualties, and all of these problems? If your answer is no, then you should stop doing these things.

The Diwali as we celebrate today is a terrorism on nature. It is a sheer bombing of bombs on nature. This is high time that we should now go and value long-term benefits instead of short-term and let not make our nature stand at the mercy of our momentary pleasure. Some cooperation from you may lend a hand to help heal the wounds and assuage them.

May this article fills you with remorse and hope, both, to help you understand this issue better. We are good at innovation, we always have been, let’s innovate Diwali according to our own needs, to help us take out more good than bad out of it. May Goddess Laxmi attempt a larceny of these bad habits from your body, Goddess Saraswati fill your mind with wisdom, and God Ganesh shows you a new pathway while riding on his mouse.

Diwali is a time when we clean our homes from all the dirtiness. Well, nature is our home and we are its tenants. I hope we should follow the same approach toward this too.