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I’m not sure if it was appropriate to post this kind of memo on the internal mail server. But I do despair at the hatchet job he’s been given in the media.

On the whole the article reads in a balanced way, he cites at many points (although could’ve done that more stringently), and emphasises that he does not believe women unsuitable for IT. He explicitly states he is not against diversity and gives suggestions for promoting it. Is saying that there are observed statistical differences between differing populations, with implications for quotas and/or hiring practice, really so evil? As usual, someone who holds the same objectives but suggests an alternative way to attain them is pilloried.

The most startling thing is not the fact he was fired, it’s the fact that so many people dismiss his memo (often without going through it), put words in his mouth, resort to ad hominem attacks and strawmen… all without the slightest attempt to challenge his arguments with contrary evidence or at least considered argumentation on their own part. Fine if you disagree with him, but tell us why; no-one reasonable is going to listen if your criticism consists of mouth-frothing outrage and insults.

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