I switched from Windows to Linux. Here are the lessons I learned along the way.
Ofir Chakon

Thanks for sharing your experience Ofir. The move from Windows to Linux is a tough one, but an excellent learning experience as you highlighted. Even if you go back to Windows, or switch to Mac, the lessons will be valuable.

That said I want to caution you about one piece. The stereotype about Windows vs Linux security goes back a long time and while it may have been relevant in the early 2000s I would say, as a security professional, you’re wrong saying Linux is the more secure operating system. Bugs have persisted in open source libraries for years no matter how many eyes are on them. On the other side Microsoft has invested millions of dollars and millions of developer hours making subsequent Windows versions more and more secure. Take a look at features like Windows Defender, EMET, and Device Guard. Claiming Linux is more secure is confusing it with being less attacked. No system is ever perfectly secure but I don’t think the facts support your claim on Windows vs Linux even if as FOSS advocates we’d like to believe that FOSS is more secure.

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