10 Specific Tactics to Become a More Patient and Disciplined Trader

Steve Roehling
May 10 · 15 min read

Causes and Effects of Impatience

#1 Avoid Using Market Orders

#2 Use Alerts to Watch Stocks for You

#3 Log Out of Your Trading Platform (or Website) During Market Hours

#4 Use Dedicated Accounts for Specific Strategies

#5 Use a Smaller Experimental Account for Learning and Strategy Development

#6 Favor Systems which Have Lots of Entry Signals

#7 Backtest Your Strategies

#8 Use Smaller Position Sizes

#9 Use Checklists to Score Trades

#10 Just Keep on Trading

Other Tactics (Honorable Mentions)

Final Thoughts

Steve Roehling

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Interested in systems, software, investing, trading, writing, drumming, and photography. https://sroehling.com

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