…you press the shutter button.

The reality is frozen on the on the film. It doesn’t matter what it looked like before. Your photo frame will tell you the full story. The real world has been distorted, subjectively capturing the mood as you press the shutter button.

It’s raining

Photography is very subjective, and all based on individual character. The same object, the same situation can be displayed in so many ways.

I’m a self-taught photographer, born in Cracow in 1981 and am now living and working in the Masovian district in Poland. I am currently working as an art director in one of the AD agencies. Photography is my passion and I am I try to keep my cameras with me all the time. I shoot my photographs with the Nikon D90 camera and the analog Zorkij-4. Sometimes I shoot with Zenith cameras.

Cityspace lines Zorkij-4

I’m at a crossroads but I believe that analog photography is more attractive to me. Using an analog for photography makes me think that much more. I have only 36 photos on film and I have to wait to see them all. It’s very exciting to wait and finally see my images. At the moment, I am trying to focus on analog photography. It’s so awesome that with only a few parameters you can take a photo.

Reed in the wind

Sometimes photography does not always tell the truth. Some photographers try to distort reality — this is one of the coolest things about photography. Taking a photo doesn’t mean that I want to be impartial. I just want to show situations in my particular subjective perception.

First snow

Every image, object, every single frame inspires me. I love to shoot from different angles and positions. I love to think of photography as a distorting reality. I don’t want to just take a picture. I want to show different points of view. I love ordinary photos that become not ordinary. I think this is the point — to show men, women, structures like bridges, landscapes, or something else unusual.

Two birds

Only moments are beautiful in your life — try to catch them.