The Music

I was forced to watch veggie tales as a kid and listen to all the songs about god. Because my nana forced me to watch all this up untill I was about 8, it made me hate it even more, yet I can still sing the entirte opening theme song.


Now a days I don’t really belive in any sort of god(s) because I hated watching the show for hours on end whenever I went and visted her.

Then my mom completely stoppped talking to her so I never had to watch Bob and Larry hop arpound on the kitchen counter and talk to a computer ever again. Instead, I watched Disney movies, and it opened a whole new world to me.

I love broadway type music now because of Disney. Then when I started trumpet, Disney music was all I wanted to play. I was “practicing” everyday and got to school early and stayed after for extra band pratice. I made a few band friends and hanging out with them are the first few vivid memories I have. Then I hit middle school and things took a turn for the worse.

My best friend of 5 years decided to just completely stop talking to me. Then, what most people would consider the Seventh Grade Emo Phase happened. However, some of my friends hit it harder than I did. But I still owned my fair amount of colored skinny jeans and nonpermanent hair dyes.

I never was a part of the popular group so I was desperate to fit in with a group of kids somewhere and the emo trash kids let me in and literally gave me a three page list of songs to listen to. This was back in middle school when I would have done anything to fit in and have a group of people that maybe liked me. Since then I have stoppped caring so much of what people think of me and I am pretty sure that is because some of the clothes and outfits I wore and the horrble music I listened to back then was so embarassing that nothing could compare now.

When I got into high school I lost touch with a lot of those kids and found Netflix. I watched Easy A from two thousand ten for the first time over winter break in two thousand fourteen three times and that Pocket Full of Sunshine scene really sold the song for me. So like any other twenty first centery kid would do, I googled the lyrics and found the whole song by Natasha Bedingfield. And from there it just kind of was a rabit hole into the late nineteen nineties and early two thosands music.

I learned what it was like to have fun by myself without other poeple ruining it. I was dancing around my kitchen and singing in the shower and being extremely obnoxious. But all around I was actually much happier and more satisfied with life. And then my dad got his license revoked.

Once my dad got his license taken away he had to quit work so he was home a lot. I was in high school still so I was getting home around 2 in the afternoon. I spent a lot of time with/around him and his music taste kind of became my own. We started to bond over artist like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Aerosmith. This was a big deal because we never really had much of relationship and now we could at least relate on that level.

When I get in the car with someone and they ask what music I like and I say anything they always try to find something I hate and it just doesn’t exist. Now I listen to everything. All the songs I listened to growing up are still with me and so are a lot of the lessons I learned and even a few of the people I have met because of The Music.

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