Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

Great plot twist idea! Though I think your piece missed a few points. One point that plays into your theory is the similarity of style between Ep I-III (Ewan McGregor’s portayal) Obi-Wan’s lightsaber style and Rey’s style in the duel with Kylo. It might just be my eyes tricking me, but it looks like Rey uses a similar style to Obi-Wan in his fight with Gen. Grievous.

Though you did have one point I disagreed with (though it doesn’t affect the overall point). You said that Anakin didn’t bring balance to the Force (though the prophesy had said so). I point this out in almost all my conversations with other Star Wars nerds, that Anakin DID bring balance. Think about it, with the (Old) Republic in power the Jedi council ruled over everything Force-related. They were the undisputed champions of the Force. (Of course in reality Sidious was there fighting them in the background, but in general the light-side of the Force was winning.) Anakin, through his turning and betrayal, brings the dark-side into power. The balance restored is not necessarily one of current control but one of time of control. (I don’t count the Star Wars the Clone Wars cartoon episode series that shows Anakin “restoring balance” by going to the source of the Force and balancing the light and dark by his intervention. That was a good episode series, but I felt that it was just a tailor-made story to show that Anakin truly was “the Chosen One.”

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