Privacy is an International Issue

FBI backdoor request has international security consequences as well.

As I was sharing my previous article on the negative ramifications of an iOS backdoor, Reddit user Da-Aaron shared another critical truth that people don’t seem to be thinking about. For convenience, I’ve copied it below:

Another [point] that many people aren’t realizing yet though is the danger this precedent would cause to the lives of political dissidents in countries known for human rights abuses.
The supporters of the government side are quick to point out that this is a lawful court order. That’s all well and good for our courts, but when you go to Saudi Arabia, the crime of apostasy from Islam is investigated by the Religious Police, tried in a religious court and punishable by death, the picture changes somewhat.
The Religious Police could get a lawful order from a Religious court to do the same thing to someone’s phone who had converted from Islam to Christianity, putting all of their contacts, associates, everyone in their phone in danger of possibly being arrested and executed themselves.

Because Apple is an international business, and certainly has consumers in Saudi Arabia, this has to be on their radar.

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