Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler


If I’m just disconnected from the world and don’t have a clue I apologize. I feel I am part of the 1%. I work at McDonald’s, I have a disabled daughter, I live in a mobile home park, in this time in America I fear for everyone who will be affected buy this”change” president. I fear for everyone of color, women, the disabled, the Press, other countries that depend on us, so many things I can’t even think of it all right now but mostly our constitution.

All I want in life is my children to be happy and healthy have enough money to survive, naturally you wish for them to have better but I atleast want them to have what they need, and I want to be able to provide for my daughter that still lives with me and will probably hopefully for the rest of your life God willing. I would like to be paid a decent minimum wage I would like a fair government and I would like to see our country men and women all being treated fairly as it should be. Maybe I’m in a fantasy land and like I said I have insulated myself. I read a lot and there are specific shows that I like on specific Network news I take with a grain of salt unless there is the proof to back it up. I do my homework so to speak.

As I said before I truly hope the country isn’t as bad or specifically the Democrats aren’t as blind as your article describes but if it is I truly believe it can be turned around with any number of movements that seem to be taking over everywhere a few of which that I’ve joined. Your message will resonate with me and I will ask questions that will answer my hunger to understand this topic. For that I thank you.

Take care my friend,