With React, you typically pull a number of other libraries off the shelf to build a real app
Angular 2 versus React: There Will Be Blood
Cory House

This won’t seem like a big deal to most at first. But give it 5 years or more, and you have to deal with the divergence of the libraries you choose. They will have a different cadence of updates. The integration you do today, won’t work out the same years down the road, and you will need to do integration testing on at least the union of security updates. Assuming the libraries you use all are still being updated. You have lots of dependencies now.

Starting a new project, it is more fun to put together libraries — you get to learn more named things that you might throw on a resume.

If you are going to have longevity, you might go the other route. But then you are dependent on a single supplier and not used to mashing up things you need in case you lose that one.

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