Chronicles of KGP: “The tales of War and Peace”
Students' Alumni Cell, IIT Kharagpur

Since I very well remember that day, the Railway Workshop siren going on (it was timed for air raids during the Indo-Pak war), there are SEVERAL anomalies in the article.

Firstly, this guy Ram Mistri states the following:

““Also, there was shortage of wheat in the country because imports were curtailed. We used to get only one chapati per meal and we survived with the food shortage.”
~Ram Mistri | ’68 batch | E&EC

Not sure how correct the above is. Since I lived at home, I didn’t have to worry about having only “one chapati”, but do not remember any shortage of wheat at that time.

Secondly, the photograph that purportedly shows “…the charred remains of F-86 Sabre Jet lying burnt in the fields…” shows the insignia of Indian Air Force!!!!!

The Pakistani Air Force insignia, as in the attached link below on F-86, was different!!

Suspect that it shows a wreckage of an IAF plane. IAF is has had its share of accidents and then some.

Thirdly, WHY is the article showing a WW II era B-29 Superfortress bomber????

What has B-29 Superfortress got ANYTHING to do with Indo-Pak war of 1965??? Feelings of “we all felt like shouting “Bharat Mata ki Jai”” notwithstanding!!!

The B-29 photograph seems to be taken DURING WW II at Kalaikunda which used to be an American airbase at that time.

The above points are indicative of the problems in Indian media. They scarcely check veracity and go for sensationalism; thereby sacrificing credibility.

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