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The perfect CI for Serverless architectures (Image credits)

Serverless is a framework allowing you to deploy “functions” on various different cloud providers such as AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions in an easy & automated manner. Terraform allows you to automate the deployment of cloud-specific configurations such as AWS SNS topics, SQS queues, IAM roles, etc…

Terraform output

This article won’t go into the details of Terraform, you can read more in the documentation. The key point is that when “running” your Terraform, you will be able to return values: they are called outputs.

You can get the output variables as a JSON object by running this command:

$ terraform output…

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A monolith might be more appropriate

While working at Kamet, I’ve worked with many early-stage ventures. In this article, I will share my thoughts on different paths that startups can take regarding technical architectures.

I believe that a startup should prefer as much as possible a well-decoupled monolith than a micro-services architecture for as long as possible. Given the hype of the “functions” (i.e., serverless), it’s worth clarifying that they count as “micro-services” as they have almost the same characteristics (minus a bit of ops-headache).

Why are micro (functions or service) architectures so popular?

We can’t argue that they are super en vogue, probably because they are used successfully by a few global companies like Netflix or Spotify. …

A fair amount of times, while running react-native link [package] , I have seen the following error:

rnpm-install ERR! Something went wrong while linking. Error: Cannot read property ‘match’ of undefined

Every time, I’ve Googled it but did not find a satisfying answer and continued my way with manually linking the library. It turns out that all you need to do, is to add the following line in your Podfile after existing pod '[...] lines:

# Add new pods below this line

This comment is used by the “linking process” to know where to add the libraries’ pod(s) in your Podfile . So much thanks to LiuShuoyu for his comment on react-native ‘s repository.


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