Beginning to fall in love again.

People around me are scaling higher peaks.

Becoming CEOs, Harvard MBAs. Hiring folks to work for them. Becoming successful, one might say.

While I sit here unemployed, broke. Out of a relationship that I gave my all to. Broken, not knowing what I will do tomorrow morning.

Maybe this is all part of a plan. Maybe it will all work out somehow.

I know more about me though. I have baggage from an abusive childhood, need to take MMA to prevent depression, and am somehow completely in love with one particular girl. Something I never thought would happen.

And I will sleep alone today. Will sleep that way for a while. It is hard. It is quite difficult. And I dont know how I will do any of this.

I hope it works out someday. I cannot see myself doing anything else. Yes, I will not work the mainstream way. I somehow am completely in love with her. And will give everything for that.

I suppose I am growing up now. Maturity. Masculinity and feminity in balance. And a love for life, above all.

This is a great time to be me.

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