I will change.

This was the moment.

It is not until you have lost everything, that you are free to do anything.

The relationship is over. And I don’t know what I will do tomorrow morning.

And I need to change. I need to let go of that part. The part which is not me, which has grown like cancer over the years.

I will start again. I will live, again. Like I always have lived. Like the person I used to be. Like the beautiful thing I used to be.

I will fall in love with life again. For, that is the reason it all began with her.

I will change. From the grumpy thing I am now, to something beautiful. I will not fear. I will not let it control me.

I will not give up. And I will be me. I will be me.

I will change. To be something that is closer to me. Loving, smiling, laughing.

The kid I was so many years ago. Finally come to be what I was.

For, I deserve it. And so does she.

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