The little golden ball.

I dont know when things changed.

For I was quite a happy kid, for all I can remember.

Growing up. Athletic, chirpy, playful. I liked people, they liked me.

When did this self-consiousness come in? The doubt, the shame.

The love for life was replaced by grumpiness. Frustration. And a building yearning to end it all.

Life, as we know it, is bad. External motivation and messaging will have us believe we are not tall enough, fair enough, rich enough or young enough to “have it all”. And we will never,ever be enough.

We will not be a billionaire like Zuckerberg. Or sleep with Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio. Or own a house in the Hamptons. Or get a HBS degree.

This argument draws quite clear parallels, with Western and Eastern philosophies. While one looks at reaching and extending the very limits of human achievement, the latter takes the view of balance, minimalism and living with less. Consumerism is a direct result of the western view, nihilsm a product of the Eastern.

As a certain Tyler Durden once said, “On a long enough time scale, nothing survives”. The question then becomes, why should we sweat about all that we don't have, and instead live with everything that we do?

Grace and happiness go hand-in-hand. Looking inward, we can find the solution to perhaps most of our problems. Somewhere deep within that mess of frustration, shame and insecurities, we can find the golden ball that we used to love playing with.

And we shall fall in love again. With life. With ourselves. With every beautiful piece of creation around us. We may not have material wealth, but we will have the wealth of friends. And enjoy the bright sunshine coming in through the window. Living the good, beautiful life.

Perhaps, we shall be whole again.

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