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Hiring Process for Jet & WalmartLabs Engineering — Hoboken

Interview Tips and the Hiring Process for WalmartLabs Engineering — Hoboken

Swetak Shah
Sep 11, 2018 · 6 min read

In Engineering and interested in working at or WalmartLabs in Hoboken? We’re hiring bold, kind, entrepreneurial humans! If this sounds like you, read on for tips to crush your application and interview process.

First, a note about how we hire.

Our process is built around you! That means the format of the interview will be customized for each role, and you’ll have ample opportunity to show us your abilities. We want this process to be just as much about you learning if this is a fit as it is about us determining if your skill set is a match for our open positions.

You’ll start with one or two phone interviews, and if there is a match on both ends, you’ll visit us onsite for a round of in-person interviews. (At this point, please make us aware of any accommodations you may need to help us see your potential.)

We know there are many kinds of engineers out there, so we’ve structured our interview process around the technical competencies that we value most and use the phone screen to help us determine the best path forward.

Step 1: Application and Recruiter Screen

Pro tip: If you’re thinking of applying, check your network to see if you have a connection at Jet or WalmartLabs and ask if they can refer you. Awesome talent knows awesome talent and as a result, referrals have become our best hiring source to date. Of course you can always apply directly to the role and a Recruiter will be in touch if we see a fit.

What goes on behind the scenes after you apply? Our engineering team reviews profiles to determine who’s a fit to move forward in the process. They look at experience, technical competencies and educational background. A Recruiter will reach out at this point to setup an initial screen if our reviewers see a potential match.

The purpose of recruiter screen is to gather basic information on your candidacy and to match your interests with our available opportunities. We recommend checking out the Jet Tech blog & videos , which will give you an idea of what is happening in Hoboken and give you a sense of our engineering culture.

Musical interlude: At this point, you may be asking, “What’s the deal of interchanging Jet and WalmartLabs?! Where will I be working if I join the team in Hoboken?!”

We’re glad you asked! Jet, headquartered in Hoboken, was acquired in 2016 by Walmart and became a part of Walmart eCommerce. WalmartLabs is the tech that drives the web applications (and more, but we’ll keep it short since this is an interlude) based in our Sunnyvale location on the West Coast. Since the acquisition, we’ve found some teams within Jet made more sense to support the greater WalmartLabs team, while other stayed specific to Your Recruiter will help you understand which teams support which business(es) as you progress to an offer. Know this — you get the excitement and quick-paced culture of a startup with the backing of the world’s largest company — and all of the opportunities and benefits associated with it. Sweet!

Step 2: Phone/Video Interview

Both parties are interested? Awesome. It’s time to set up a phone or video interview!

As mentioned above, our interview process begins with one or two phone interviews, typically lasting 30 to 45 minutes each. You should be prepared to talk about your background, experiences, and interest in Jet.

General tips:

· Find a quiet, comfortable place.

· Make sure your phone/laptop works. Use a headset that allows you to talk comfortably while typing or writing. Similarly, if we’ve asked you to use HackerRank or Google Docs for the phone interview, make sure you have a stable Internet connection

· Be prepared. Do your research — check out our website, explore our company culture, and perhaps watch a demo! This shows interest in Jet, and it will also help you form questions for the phone interviewer so that you can learn more about us.

· Have a pen and paper ready. It’ll be much easier to think through questions or problems if you have something to sketch or write on.

· Smile. Your tone of voice actually shines through on the phone and we want to hire people who really enjoy what they do!

If you are interviewing for one of our engineering roles, you will also be asked a technical question that focuses on your coding abilities. A coding assessment is administered for most technical roles including Backend, Frontend, DevOps & Data positions.

Here are some tips specific to engineering phone interviews:

· Think out loud. While this is useful for on-site interviews too, it’s critical for phone interviews. Since we can’t see you, the only way we can understand your thought process is to hear you talk through it.

· Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If anything is unclear about the problem, ask your interviewer — that’s what they’re there for.

· Start simple and then expand. While you do want to think about the high-level design before you write any code, it’s good to come up with a simple solution first and then go from there.

· Ask thoughtful questions. At the end of the call, your interviewer will leave some time to ask questions. Focus your time with our engineers on culture or technical questions. If you have questions around compensation, benefits, or anything else employment-related, remember to ask your Recruiter separately — they’re the experts!

Aced your interview? We’ll typically get back to you very quickly — usually within 5 business days. We may ask you to do another phone interview, or bring you on-site. If you don’t hear from us in this timeframe, we are sorry to keep you hanging! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a status update.

Step 3: The Onsite Interview

Welcome to Hoboken! Small, vivacious town with incredible cityscape views. We love it here and think you will too.

Based on the positive feedback from your phone interview & coding assessment, our amazing team of Coordinators will reach out for your availability to schedule an onsite meeting. If you are traveling, we will take care of those plans for you — just let your coordinator know how you prefer to get to the office. Wear whatever is most comfortable and just be yourself!

Keep an eye out for our emails before your big day. We’ll send out an interview prep guide along with an interview confirmation. You’ll find details on the technical assessment and how to prepare. Most of the interview will consist of whiteboarding, so be prepared to translate your ideas on whiteboard or the classic, old-fashioned way using pen and paper — your choice.

General guidelines:

· We want to create inclusive environment for everyone so be yourself. We are looking for individuals who are adaptable and eager to be part of small team.

· Know why you want to be here! Interviewers want to know what excites you and motivates you to do your best work.

· Think through some of professional and/or academic accomplishments. Interviewers want to know how you planned, collaborated with others and executed a plan. We would love to know examples of how you’ve smashed the status quo.

· There are no bad questions! Our interview setting is collaborative so do not be afraid to ask clarifying questions. When presented with analytical and technical problems, talk through how you plan to approach the problem and ask questions if necessary. Some questions might be open-ended so there is no right or wrong answer. We are exploring your thought process.

Step 4 — After the Onsite

We hope you had a great experience here in Hoboken! You can expect to hear from us within one week after your onsite. We hire generalists for our backend and frontend roles, so you may have another call with your hiring manager to assess team fit. Once the team is determined, our recruiters will work with you on compensation and guide you through rest of the process. We will try to provide as much detail as possible if the teams decided not to move forward. Received an offer? We really hope you’ll join us and help us reshape retail.

In our next edition, we will go more in depth on individual processes of the following areas: Backend, Frontend, Data, TPM, DevOps & Security. Stay Tuned!

If you like the challenges of building distributed systems and are interested in solving complex problems, check out our job openings.

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