What are humans?

The way I see it, there is very less difference between psychopaths, madcaps and ‘normal’ human beings. I observed this deeply on my way back to home. I was so hungry that a whole lot of devilish thoughts were encircling my mind. Somewhere nearby I purchased some roasted corncobs and started walking again. The mere act of holding these corncobs and walking put an end to the ‘world’ of thoughts, and lo!, I was smiling! Was I not devilish any more?

The truth is, Tomorrow, I can be devilish again, I can be calm and smiling, again. I can go through this cycle any number of times.[1]

This is just a small situation. There may be countless situation which determine whether we react or respond to the situation. [2]

There is unlimited potential in each of us, and we can use it to swing either way, and that makes a lot of difference. We can be either be balanced or unbalanced; middling or extreme, and totally lose it and become insane. Each one of us fits somewhere in this continuum.

As long as outward situations determine our mode of thinking/inner state, it is a hint that our mind has not grown. For how long can we take it? How long can we resist a better way of living?

Tags: Potential, Growth, mode of thinking, outward situation, inner state

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Dharma is an observation of the laws by which life functions. — Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev