How I survived hard times of my life and here is what you should do!

I went through period of frustration two years ago that brought about a lot of changes in me.

I had lost faith in myself, my sense of self-worth was gone, I was into the spiral of negative thinking.

The thoughts were disturbing me enough, they were impacting my career. My relationship with people was deteriorating, I had no desire to pursue anything. I was in pain, I was lost.

After a while, I realised this is not going to help me out anymore and I took few of the steps to control myself when I was dwindling-

  • I started practicing acceptance. It’s the most underrated virtues. I accepted the things as they were. I stopped fighting against them. I accepted I was sad, I accepted that I over think and with a bit of optimism I started accepting that I will become better with time.
  • I am a creative person by nature, but in due course of time, I had lost touch with my creative side. I started pursuing my hobbies again. I began to read, write, sketch, draw and it helped me achieve a calm and composed mind. I strongly suggest you to join some classes or a you tube course and pursue a hobby.
  • I stopped hosting a “self-pity party”. I stopped dramatising the “victim play” in my head. I used to distract myself away whenever this thought came that I am the sufferer. I had this habit of putting myself in the center of all wrongdoings and then think of every injustice being pointed at me. It was very exhausting! I learned to empower myself instead. I am not at fault, neither the other person is. Things are as they are. This saves me a lot of misery.
  • I started practicing meditation. I started to focus on my internal energy. I read books related to mental peace, the motivational stuffs and tried to cheer myself up when I was low. I never forced myself to pursue anything or search for a meaningful life. I just let my thoughts flow. I suggest you to practice mindfulness and meditation. Read some books about it and it will be of great help.
  • I stopped comparing. I stopped waiting for people to do me a favour. A lot of my time was lost in comparing myself to some random X, Y, Z. They might have been better, might have been not but it should have never mattered! I started practicing the virtue of “giving”. I stopped expecting people to do something for me. I wanted to more and more for them, even without expecting anything in return. It was the toughest part from me to do. But trust me, if you can do this, your job is halfway done.
  • I took help from a life coach.Having a third person’s perspective is very much helpful. Because when you are stuck in a particular situation, you aren’t able to assess it enough, to get a solution. So it’s better to get a help, you can call out your friends, cousins or a professional expert if you need.

Lastly, if this problem persists, I strongly suggest you to take some professional help as there is no way out when you are fighting with yourself!