Daniel Johnson

“Racism has a qualification in Sociology. It has to have power attached.”

This is a point that is not understood by many people. It is not intuitive — part of privilege is never having to have actually considered such ideas in detail. So, when faced with behavior that would be racist if it came from someone in a position of power, from someone not in power, there is likely going to be some confusion about why such behavior is not racist per se. (Unless the respondent is not actually confused, but simply refuses to think about it…)

Such (true) confusion should be met with insight (as you did — Im not going to dignify the person you were responding to with a link here, as it was pretty obvious which side of the racist/confused divide the individual came down on). Thanks for making the point so clearly and calmly, especially given the nature of the comments you were responding to.

I would only add that *all* behavior or speech motivated by racial animus should be challenged, even if it is not ‘racism’ per se.

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