I’ve said silence is consent. I dissent.

You need to understand two things.

First, ‘racism’ requires a power dynamic that does not exist here — there are no pervasive impacts or consequences of racial animus directed ‘up’ a power gradient, e.g., black to white. If the author was expressing racial animus, that is what you could accuse him of. But he was not, because second, ‘white’ is not the same as ‘White’ (authors style). He drew a distinction between white and White, focusing on the latter.

I also recommend you read Ta-Nehisi Coates “Between the World and Me” for coverage of the white / White issue. It is a quick read and he covers the matter well in the first 11 pages.

One final note — I respectfully recommend you do not personalize references to ‘white people’ unless it is clear someone is writing with actual racial animus about all whites (versus all Whites). Such personalization will prevent you from understanding and engaging with many of the elements of race dynamics that we *all* need to understand if things are ever to improve in the US vis a vis race. Language matters, especially when we are trying to tread a minefield. This is not ‘political correctness’, it is ‘effective communication’.

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