Online Marketing class

Its been 5 weeks since I started taking online marketing class in my college and I wanted to post my experience about it. The class is taken by Sir Balachandar K who doesn’t need any introduction since he handled Marketing Management class during my previous semester which I enjoyed a lot. This semester just got better. He often brings real world examples for the topics which makes it easy to relate and give a deeper understanding. The best part about his class is the mix of information and humor making the 90 minute class fly like 9 minutes. This is one of the classes where I don’t look at my watch. It doesn’t matter if you sit in the first row or the last row, he pays attention to every single student and pushes them out of their comfort zone. He never lets students form their own groups for assignments which enables us to get along with everyone and learn new perspective. Lastly, something that I admire about this faculty is his puctuality. I’m not just learning online marketing but also other soft skills such as time management and presentation skills.

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