If you are a boss: You need to ‘read’ a lot more than your millennial team does

Image Credit: pixabay.com

With every passing year, a new batch of tech-savvy, well exposed, smart millennials join the workforce. Bosses sigh thinking ‘the kids who join work now, are smarter and more confident than we were when we joined’.

Bosses are impressed with the new kids on the block but at the same time secretly fear as to how long they would continue to have an edge over them. Little do they know that it will be a very short time before the Millennials catch up and learn the tricks of the trade, the networking, the politics and beat them to it.

If you are a boss: What you need to do, to stay ahead of your Millennial team

Read, Read, Read — a wide variety of books, articles, research papers

  • Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and many other ultra-successful people read voraciously. Reading leads to growth and success in various dimensions earlier unknown to the self.
  • Reading consistently; reading on variety of topics; reading self-improvement books and biographies are very important to stay ahead. After all, who wants to make mistakes when they can learn from the wisdom of those who succeeded before them.
  • Reading provides a wealth of knowledge, opens the mind to new ideas and builds upon the existing. ‘Knowledge is power’ maybe clichéd but an eternal truth.

Use technology to the maximum to help you read valuable books:

  • Find out the books that successful people read. Look at ‘Gates Notes’ for the books he reads.
  • Try stickk.com (a free goal setting platform) to set goals to ensure you read
  • Use Goodreads
  • Check out podcasts and audio books for reading while commuting
  • Read selectively — you don’t have to feel obliged to read everything friends and well-wishers send you through WhatsApp or Facebook or any other social media.
  • Practice ‘speed reading’ if you think that would help you read more
  • Create time to read daily even if for a short period

Remember, decades of experience between bosses and the Millennial worker will get reduced to a gap of a few years’ “worth of learning” eventually. As a boss, you need to stay on top and add value to the team you lead to be respected by them and to grow fast in your career.

Read as much as you can — not many people read voraciously world over and IF you can do it, you can step up your game.

I hope you found this of some use. I look forward to your comments. If there is something I could learn from you, feel free to share.